PTA Membership

$10 can change your child’s life at school.

Santiago Hills Elementary is a great school not only because of its dedicated and talented teachers and staff, but also because of the support of parents who make it a special experience for young students. Everyone is welcome and invited, regardless if you are a working parent or stay at home. Become a member and be a part of the active Parent Teacher Association at Santiago Hills!

Why should I become a member?

  • Only paid members receive access to the School Student Directory.
  • National PTA offers a variety of programs designed for parents and students.
  • Benefit your child: your membership contribution helps fund programs and school facility improvements
  • Meet members of the school staff, including the school principal
  • Connect with other parents to share experiences
  • Build a strong community for your child’s future
  • Voice concerns and shape the future of your child’s school
  • Substantial PTA membership benefits including discounts and offers from benefits providers, sponsors, magazine subscriptions, leadership training, e-newsletters, and more. Some of the 2018-19 sponsors include Baskin-Robbins, Legoland, Aquarium of the Pacific, Good Housekeeping Magazine, and Hertz car rentals.

Annual membership dues are only $10 per adult. Each membership helps pay for education advocates in Sacramento and Washington. The PTA supports all children that attend Santiago Hills. You are invited to PTA meetings to share your ideas on how to improve our children’s learning experience.

How much am I required to volunteer?

NONE! Annual membership does not require you to attend any meetings or join any committees. However, children benefit most when they see parent involvement in activities held at their school. General PTA meetings are held roughly once every two months (see calendar), where the board reviews plans for upcoming events and parents have an opportunity to ask questions. If you choose to join a committee, choose one that fits your availability to volunteer – each committee varies in its time commitments (including some that require very little time or a lot of flexibility for working parents). You can also choose to join the PTA Board to be the first to know about upcoming events and other happenings at school.

How to Join

  • Online via Credit Card or PayPal
    1. Simply click here and fill out the online form – PTA Packet
    2. Once the form is submitted you will be redirected to Paypal for payment. Form submissions without payment will not be accepted.
  • Check or Cash
    1. Print and fill out the form provided in the Thursday folders Back to School packet.
    2. Attach your cash or check made payable to Santiago Hills PTA.
    3. Return the form and money to your student’s teacher.

Top 10 Myths About Joining the PTA

#1 Only moms and teachers need to join the PTA.

A strong PTA needs the support of parents, family members, teachers, school staff, and community members. Anyone who cares about children belongs in the PTA!

#2 Joining the PTA means I have to volunteer.

The PTA appreciates everyone’s membership, whether or not a member volunteers. You will not be sucked in to a black hole of volunteering!

#3 I have to be a board member or chair a committee to join the PTA.

You do not have to serve on the PTA Board or chair a committee to join the PTA. Your beautiful smile and wonderful support will suffice!

#4 PTA membership never expires, I only have to join once.

Each new school year begins a new PTA membership year. Your PTA membership will be good for the entire school year!

#5 I don’t have the time to join the PTA.

If you are unable to volunteer your time, please consider becoming a member of the PTA and give your financial support. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that your support helps fund events and activities for the children throughout the school year!

#6 I’ll get roped into volunteering if I attend a PTA meeting.

There will be opportunities to get involved, but no pressure. Just pass along the signup sheet if you are unable to participate. No judgment here!

#7 The PTA is only for stay-at-home parents with nothing else to do.

Your fellow PTA members are family and community members who want to support the kids and the school. Most members are juggling bills, household chores, kids, sports, and homework, just like you!

#8 My child’s life will be the same whether or not I join the PTA.

Not only does membership put you in direct communication with other parents and teachers, it shows you child that you are interested and invested in their educational experience.

#9 The PTA has all the help they need.

The PTA always wants and always needs volunteers! If you choose to volunteer, you decide your time commitment!

#10 I have an idea but the PTA isn’t interested.

New ideas are always welcome! It’s important to keep our PTA fresh and exciting! Got an idea but no time to implement it? Send it to

Ready to become a PTA Member? Start here:



Please contact our PTA Membership Committee with any questions you may have about membership.

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