PTA Board

President – Kelly Carter
Executive Vice-President – Meka Rivera
Vice-President, Programs – Aino Houttu
Vice-President, Ways & Means – Kristy Matsuda
Secretary – Sharon Han-Kim
Treasurer – Sooji Kim
Financial Secretary – Janice Kao
Auditor – Sharad Gima
Historian – Jen Dalby
Parliamentarian – TBD
Principal – Dr. Michele Ogden

General Board Responsibilities

PTA board members meet generally once a month August through June as a group with the school principal, and are asked to serve 1 year and all positions are open every year.  An individual could be elected a second time in any given role. Some positions require less involvement than others, and at special times of the year. Anyone can be on the PTA board – full time, part time, or stay at home parents!

Position Descriptions

Please contact the PTA board any additional questions you may have.


Leads the PTA for the school at meetings and assists in organizing events. Approves PTA expeditures.


Takes minutes at monthly PTA general and board meetings. Approves PTA expeditures.


Writes checks and works with Secretary and President for approval/signature.

Executive VP

Assists President with organizing events.

VP Programs

Responsible for organizing PTA led school events with the assistance of committee chairs and members.

VP Ways & Means

Responsible for organizing PTA school fundraisers with the assistance of committee chairs and members.


Audits the bookkeeping performed by the Treasurer twice a year.

Financial Secretary

Delivers and makes deposits on behalf of the PTA.


Collects reports on school volunteerism.


Manages nominating committee for annual PTA board elections.