Tiger Trotters Running Club

Kids Run the OCCOMMITTEE CHAIR NEEDED to help us bring this program back to Santiago Hills this year! Contact our PTA President if you would like to volunteer.

In 2015, Santiago Hills participated as the Tiger Trotters in the Kids Run the OC program. The students had a blast and we hope to bring the program back after a one year absence.

KROC –Kids Run the OC

KROC is a 10 week marathon training program designed to help kids:
  • Improve Physical Fitness
  • Promote active/healthy lifestyles
  • Combat the onset of childhood obesity
  • Doing it through FUN activities!


This is a program to teach children that fitness can be fun.  We will be doing fun drills and activities where the kids won’t even know they were “exercising”. Each week the kids will participate in activities with the group.  In addition, they will need to log their activity/running for an additional mile or more.  Within the 10 week program, each child will have run 25.2 miles. The Final Mile will be run at the OC Marathon Event, usually held at the end of April or beginning of May.  The children who participate in the Event will receive a medal for completing the marathon. Each week there will be Nutritional Challenges.  These are fun ways for the kids to learn about nutrition and teach them the importance nutrition plays in their daily lives. Each kid will take a pledge at the beginning – pledging that they will participate in all activities both with the group and at home for the 10 weeks.  The kids will be held accountable for their participation – which is the only way they can participate in the actual OC Marathon event. We are opening this up to all grades at the school.  But the only way we can have a successful program is to have volunteers! We will need Parent Volunteers for the weekly group activities.  The Parent Volunteers will help with check-in and check-out of the kids for each training, collecting nutritional challenge information and weekly logs, and also with the actual activities (think of it as a good workout for you too!) We will also need Parent Volunteers for the Day of the Race.