Reading Calendar

Turn in your reading calendar every month to earn the grand prize at the end of the year!

The current month’s Reading Calendar is now available.  Start reading today!

What is the Reading Calendar Program?

Reading Calendar is a PTA sponsored program to get our SH students to read each day.  We want to encourage reading by giving students a Tiger Tag when they read the daily required reading minutes for 20 or more days a month at home.  Each month, there will be a new calendar published.  The program will run from September to April, for a total of 8 months.  Students who turn in a reading calendar all 8 months will be treated to a grand prize event sponsored by the PTA towards the end of May.

How does my child earn a reading Tiger Tag?

When they turn in their reading calendar with 20 or more days read, they will earn a reading tiger tag for that month.  (More about Tiger Tags here.) Each month has a different design, so encourage them to collect all 8 tags!

Example Tiger Tag:

Where can I get a reading calendar?

Click here and print one out at home.  If you don’t have access to a printer, you can pick one up in the Front Office of school.  You can also go to

How does my child fill out this calendar?

Fill in all the information at the top of the form with your child’s name, teacher, number of days read this month, and your signature or initials.  In the calendar boxes, put a check mark (or my kids like to put a sticker) in each of the days that your child has read the minimum reading time.  For an extra prize, they can write or draw about a book they have read this month on the back of the calendar.

Here is a sample of what it may look like at the end of the month:

Where and who does my child turn in the Reading Calendar?

Once your child has completed the Reading Calendar, he/she will turn it into their classroom teacher at the beginning of the following month.  Exact due date will depend on each classroom teacher.  Please contact your child’s teacher for the exact due date!

My child can’t read on their own yet, would reading to them count?

YES!!  absolutely!  For our littlest readers, we ask that parents spend each night reading to their child for a minimum of 15 minutes.  It’s a great way to end the day and spend some quality time with your child cuddled together with a good book.  We love our reading time at our house!

What are the minimum daily reading times?

TK/K – 1st grade  15 minutes
2nd grade            20 minutes
3rd/4th grade       25 minutes
5th/6th grade       30 minutes

Reading times are also listed on the calendar for your reference!

Is there a list of specific books that my child needs to read?

NO! Let your child pick out any books that may interest them!  It could be a magazine, a comic, a short story, a chapter book, or even an encyclopedia! It could be fiction or non-fiction. We want them to be actively engaged in whatever they chose to read.  If your child needs some recommendations, they can always ask our wonderful SH librarian, Mrs. West-Simon or his/her teacher!

Previous Years’ Reading Prizes

In the past, we have celebrated those kids who turned in their reading calendars every month with something special. In past years it’s been TWO huge inflatable obstacle courses for kids to play in as their PE for the day! We love readers at Santiago Hills.


If you have any additional questions regarding the Reading Calendar Program, or would like to volunteer with this program, please send us an email at

Happy Reading!!